Companies Are People, Too

Discover, Develop and Grow your organization’s culture

Sandra Fekete’s book, Companies Are People, Too: Discover, Develop, and Grow Your Organization’s True Personality guides you, the business leader, through a revolutionary program that helps you get to know the core personality of your company in order to take its performance to a higher level. Companies Are People, Too: Discover, Develop, and Grow Your Organization’s True Personality was written following Sandra’s development of the CAP2 assessment tool.


The book is presented in three sections that accomplish three tasks. The “Discover” section introduces the theories on which the system is based and presents the questionnaire you’ll use. The “Articulate” section guides you through the process of creating your company’s persona and defining its core vision, mission and values. The “Live” section provides examples and ideas to help you make decisions and enact changes that fit with your company’s unique personality. Companies Are People, Too is a simple, effective business tool that aligns an organization with its core personality for spectacular results.


What you learn about your company through this book, will help you:

Strengthen Your BrandStrengthen your brand

Differentiate yourself from the competitionDifferentiate yourself from the competition

Fix problematic areasFix problematic areas

Equipped with a sense of who your company is, you can ease organizational change, attract and retain employees, articulate company-wide values and send consistent messages.


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