Companies Are People, Too

8 out of 10 CEOs perceive their organization’s culture differently than do their employees


Obtain accurate knowledge of your company’s culture

Every organization has a preferred way to focus, gather information, make decisions and work – all the components necessary to determine personality. Companies Are People, Too is an 84-question diagnostic assessment that measures the dynamic interaction of these four dimensions of organizational personality and generates a profile of an organization. We then provide:


Characteristic strengths and weaknesses

Common values

Work environment

Communications style

Ideal customers

Behavior under conflict

Signs of stress

Managing change


CAP2 is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reach a consensus, providing a platform for spirited dialogue, targeted planning and consistent behavior.


How it works

Delivered online, or in written form, the 84 multiple-choice (A or B) questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete. Every answer is scored to arrive at an overall consensus about how each participant and the group, experience the company. A report is then generated that describes the company’s personality preferences, strengths, weaknesses, work environment, values, communications style, sources of energy, signs of stress, behavior during conflict, approaches to managing change and ideal customers. The report also includes a graph illustrating your company’s measurement in each of the four dimensions of personality.

The results are the foundation for dialogue, during which a task force team should validate the findings by comparing the report with actual events, standards, policies, activities and behaviors that take place in the company. It is recommended that a facilitator guide the organization through this process, and the subsequent integration of the results into the company’s strategic planning, branding and organizational development. See a list of qualified consultants

Who does it

Our data shows that 84 percent of the time, a CEO’s perception of the organization differs from the perceptions of the other workers. To ensure the most accurate results, it is important to expand the findings into several areas of the organization. Many organizations ask their entire staff to participate. Others ask key clients to verify their perception of the organization by taking the customer version. At a minimum, we recommend participation by the management team, decisions makers, influencers and opinion leaders. The results can be sorted to measure perceptions by teams, divisions and even titles. 

Why do it

Understanding who your organization is and what it stands for allows everyone to set aside their personal views, and make decisions based on the values and preferences of the organization. For those companies that work in to their organization’s fiber, the CAP2 promise is clarity, consistency and alignment. Not only do you have a framework for alignment in decision making, but you have clarity in messaging and consistency in behavior.

There are many reasons why leaders use CAP2 in their organizations. Learn why they do by visiting the Application section. 

What it costs

The validated, 84 item organizational questionnaire is priced at $30 per person. The 74-item individual’s questionnaire is priced at $10 per person. The 84-item customer questionnaire is priced at $30 per person. Once everyone has completed the questionnaire, you are able to purchase the results online. If you purchase by credit card, the results are available to you immediately. 


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