Companies Are People, Too

Companies Are People, Too allows you to get a quick and easy snapshot of your company’s culture

Companies Are People, Too is a validated assessment tool that exists to help companies discover, articulate and live their personality. For more than a decade, Companies Are People, Too (CAP2) has successfully enabled businesses throughout the United States to discover and articulate their brand persona. The result is a company able to perform and thrive with purpose.


The Benefits of Companies Are People, Too:


Delivers an accurate benchmark of your company

Uncovers potential pitfalls

Identifies strengths and weaknesses

Helps organizations live their brand

Provides feedback based on current employee experience

Reveals organizational blind spots


We often find that companies are not “living their brand.” What they convey externally does not reflect who they are internally. Answering questions like the following are often difficult.

“What it is in your company that will guide it and inspire it through times of change? Are you struggling with understanding and articulating your culture? Is decision making in your organization driven by self-interest or by what’s best for the company? Do you find yourself chasing the competition or are they chasing you? Are you constantly reinventing yourself to appeal to new customers or are they naturally attracted to you?”

Do you want to portray your company with confidence, consistency and clarity? Then start thinking of it as a person. Because Companies Are People, Too – and great companies understand who they are, as the first step to get them where they are going.